Kendall Park Learning Center

College Guidance

KPLC LogoCollege Guidance is a vital part of our academic program. We begin with students as early as 6th grade. Our students excel on the SAT I & II tests, mainly because of our unique approach to test preparation. The average combined score of our students in the SAT is 2200. Many of our graduates attain perfect scores in either verbal or math, or in both.

  • We provide total in-depth analysis of high school career
  • We will guide you in your course selection, volunteer opportunities, talent and scholarship services, and academic competitions
  • Together we will create a working calendar of events and a timetable for taking standardized tests
  • We will help to select the most appropriate colleges or universities for you
  • You will learn strategic methods for successfully completing college applications, including development of essays and statements
  • We will do the final checking and assist you with the completion of all aspects of your application packages, including forms, résumé, recommendations and essays
  • We will prepare you for admissions interviews and campus visits
  • Additional attention will be given to ‘special' applicants such as Legacy, multicultural, international, athlete/artist
  • We will do advanced planning for SAT II strategy, advanced placement classes, early admissions, summer study and enrichment classes, post-graduate study, and postponements
  • We will provide continued counseling and answers to your questions until you have notified all schools of your final decisions