Kendall Park Learning Center

Advanced Placement


    This program gives students an opportunity to seek college-level studies while still in high school. It aims to provide students with the conceptual framework, factual knowledge and analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology. This course focuses on molecules and cells, Heredity and Evolution, Organisms and Populations,


    This course is for students with a very strong interest in science and mathematics. This course will cover different topics in physics with emphasis on thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, light, optics, relativity, quantum and atomic physics. The fast pace of this course will prepare students for the AP Physics exam.


    The course covers the equivalent of one full year of college level General Chemistry, comparable to a first year course at a college or university. The course will develop the student's ability to incorporate mathematical skills in the solution of chemistry problems. Emphasis will be placed on developing the student's ability to solve problems through dimensional analysis and estimation.

Calculus AB & BC

    AP Calculus develops the student's understanding of the concepts of calculus (functions, graphs, limits, derivatives and integrals) and provides experience with its methods and applications. The course encourages the geometric, numerical, analytical, and verbal expression of concepts, results, and problems. Appropriate technology, from manipulative to calculators and application software, should be used regularly for instruction and assessment.


    AP Statistics is an activity-based course which introduces students to the fundamental concepts and techniques employed when working with data. The course exposes students to exploratory analysis, planning a study, modeling using probability and simulation, and testing hypotheses using statistical inference.

English Literature and Composition

    AP English Literature is a specialized course for students who demonstrate an exceptional interest in and commitment to the study of literature. In this course, students are engaged in the careful reading of literary works. Through such study, they sharpen their awareness of literature, language and their understanding of the writer's craft. They develop critical standards for the appreciation of any literary work. To achieve these goals, students consider and explore the structure, meaning, and value of each work and its relationship to contemporary experience as well as to the time in which it was written. The AP Literature and Composition course combines a fairly traditional study of British Literature with a more theory-based focus on the process of literary interpretation and analysis.

European History

    AP European History covers the historical events, concepts, and personalities that shaped and determined Western Civilization from the Renaissance to the Modern Era. The topics covered are: Renaissance and Reformation, Age of Discovery and War, Absolutism and the English Civil War, The age of Science and Enlightenment, The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (Parts I-II), Reaction, Romanticism and Revolution, Nationalism and Unification, Social Studies and Empire, World War I, The Russian Revolution, Europe between World Wars and the Rise of Dictators, the Road to Another World War, World War II, Post War Europe.

US History

    AP United States History intensively surveys American History from the age of exploration and discovery to the present. The AP Mentor lectures will generally follow the College Board guidelines for AP U.S. History. The material will cover fallowing topics: Colonial Period, American Revolution, Building a New Republic, The War of 1812 and Era of Good Feelings, The Age of Jackson, Westward Expansion and the Ante-Bellum South, Drifting Towards Civil War, The Civil War and Reconstruction, The Gilded Age, Empire and Progressives, World War I, Prosperity and Depression, The Great Depression and Ominous Threats from Abroad, World War II, The Cold War Era, Civil Rights and Neoconservative Movement.

American Government History

    The Advanced Placement Government & Politics course teaches how people behave politically. Its main purpose is to help students understand American politics and how government helps to shape public policy. The course covers the design of America's political system, its structure, and how individual and group interests combine, each promoting its own agenda. The course examines and evaluates government institutions, those who run them, their public policies, and the influence of the electorate.


    The objective of this course is to develop students' abilities to solve large programming problems using C++. This will be accomplished through reading, lectures, in-class discussion, and programming assignments involving design, implementation, and testing. Students will learn how to approach larger, multi-week, programming assignments with a divide-and-conquer approach.