Kendall Park Learning Center

Homework & Study Club

Our Homework & Study Club program consists mostly of one-hour sessions, set to tutor children after school in their weaker subject areas. These hour-long sessions are built with the intention of helping the children with homework, preparing for exams in school, and preparing them for future lessons to be explained within the next week at school. The Homework & Study Club has a purpose of strengthening what the student already knows or is currently learning. Students would commonly meet with their teachers for a tutoring session once a week, but more sessions per week to strengthen the student’s ability may also be suggested.

KPLC LogoThe Homework & Study Club meets from the end of School, 3:00 until 6:00 p.m.

  • Children are grouped according to grade levels.
  • Snacks are provided.
  • There is outdoor play (weather permitting).
  • Other opportunities for the children to take part in physical activities!

Children are also offered choices of intellectual activities such as playing chess, reading, arts/crafts, games, enrichment activities, computer and homework time!

Students who attend the Kendall Park Learning Center for tutoring or enrichment sessions have the opportunity to enroll in the Homework and Study Club. Students are offered study tips for upcoming exams and homework help in the non-threatening environment.

Our Teachers

    We employ a diverse staff of tutors. We have college students, newly certified high school teachers, interns, and community members. Your children will be in the hands of experienced and dedicated educators!