Kendall Park Learning Center
June 28th - August 3rd
The Kendall Park Learning Center Summer Academic Session offers advanced/full credit, review credit, and enrichment opportunities for your child. You may choose from a variety of courses. Students may be required to take a placement test to ensure that instruction is given on the appropriate level. Parents are encouraged to bring in reports and recommendations from the studentís teacher or guidance counselor. Our certified, experienced, and dedicated teachers help students gain confidence in their scholastic abilities and guide students to a new appreciation of their talents. Teachers provide instruction to make sure that personal attention is given to each and every student. Mid-Session reports are sent home to keep parents apprised of student progress. A final report is sent at the end of the session.
High School Courses and Requirements

Review Coursework
Review Coursework is designed for students wishing to make up incomplete courses for credit or to overcome problems in a particular subject. Students may choose a course that reviews work they have previously taken in order to reinforce material covered, and will prepare them for work they will undertake in the fall. Each course is 60 hours.

Full-Credit Coursework
Full-credit coursework is for students wishing to accelerate their curriculum or enhance their high school transcripts for college admissions. Enrollment in one full-credit course consists of 120 hours of class time and is a normal full academic load for the summer session. Advanced credit science classes require a total of 140 hours. For the highly-motivated student, we offer the option of taking one full-credit course during the morning session and one 60 hour enrichment course during the afternoon session.
Note: Courses are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment.

Students who withdraw from the courses early, either because the class is too easy or too difficult, will not have their tuition refunded. Students whose behavior is unsuitable for a classroom environment (either distracting or detrimental to the class and fellow students) will be asked to leave without any refund of tuition.

Course Requirements
The KPLC Summer Session is an intensive, fast-paced program in which an entire school year’s curriculum is taught in a matter of weeks. The Session is intended for highly-motivated students who can maintain the levels of effort and discipline required to complete a full curriculum in a short time. Teachers usually complete a few chapters per week, and students can expect about 2-3 hours of homework per night, as well as multiple tests every week.

Advanced credit classes require a total of 120 hours of classroom instruction in order to receive course credit. Advanced credit science classes require a total of 140 hours. Students taking the class for course credit are allowed only one (1) day of absence, with those hours to be made up, after school, before the end of the summer session. Review credit courses meet for a total of 60 hours, and students taking review courses are allowed only two (2) days of absence, with those hours to be made up, after school, before the end of the summer session. [No exceptions]

Students are expected to be on time for every class, with any time missed to be made up before the end of the summer session.

Please check with your child’s teacher or the school’s guidance counselor to ensure that the child is enrolled in the proper course. If you are taking a course for credit, you must have your registration form signed by your guidance counselor or principal.

Summer class information

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Summer School Location & Calendar

 Car pool information available

 Student schedules sent out

 First day of classes
  except for those listed below
  - SAT Test Prep classes begin Monday, July 10

 No school

 Mid-session Report cards emailed out

 Last day of school

  except for those listed below
  - All Honors Science classes end Friday, August 4

 Final grade reports sent
 to parents: 8/11/2017
  to schools: 8/14/17

Registration Forms
Interested in enrolling at the Kendall Park Learning Center? Click here to go to the Admissions page, where you can download a variety of registration forms and materials.