Kendall Park Learning Center


Inspire the best in your child with the best in home schooling.

How can Kendall Park Learning Center make this promise to your family?

We do this by offering an on-site or distance-learning home instruction program that gives your child/children the same educational advantages enjoyed by the students who attend private preparatory school. KPLC's mission is to inspire students to excel academically and to realize their own self-worth.

KPLC Logo Apart from having an extensive home schooling curriculum, the Kendall Park Learning Center regularly reviews the textbooks, workbooks, and study aids from all major educational publishers for inclusion in the educational program. Kendall Park Learning Center delivers a time-tested and challenging curriculum produced by the best writers and educators in the world today. We are independent, which allows us to focus solely on the needs of our students and home schooling parents.

At Kendall Park Learning Center we continue to develop the tools you need to make your home schooling instruction successful and more productive for you and your children. Tools include detailed daily lesson plans that ensure there are no gaps in instruction, placement testing services to make certain your child is using the appropriate level of curriculum, and trained education professionals you can rely on for guidance in instruction. The difference is that we tailor a curriculum for each specific child and also provide on-site instruction for the subject areas that parents need!

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