Kendall Park Learning Center

Gifted & Talented

The gifted program is open to children in kindergarten through grade eight. All materials used are above grade level, which encourage students to think critically and achieve a higher level of learning. The KPLC believes that children are turned on to learning and become excited and highly motivated learners when they are challenged. The elementary and middle school years are the time for exploration and discovery for children. As educators, we need to understand that the minds of children are like sponges, open and willing to absorb whatever is presented to them. Our ability to know each child helps us to guide them into their specific area of interest.

KPLC LogoAt the Kendall Park Learning Center we believe that all children should be challenged and not stifled. Therefore, since many schools may not have a gifted program at all, or if one even exists in their school, it may not be open to students of a specific age group, the KPLC presents this opportunity for gifted students.

Because a decrease in school funding has forced many districts to limit or eliminate this needed program, the KPLC gifted program fills this void. Our program fosters and stimulates the interests and talents of every child. However, it does not attempt to push a child so far ahead in school that it creates more problems in the classroom. Instead, we take the approach termed lateral enrichment, and we introduce new ideas based on the student's knowledge and ability.

Gifted Math

    Children learn at their own pace, even if it is not always convenient for parents and teachers. Our math curriculum (level and grade appropriate) is designed to challenge even the best math student. Learn how math is used in ways you never expected.

Gifted Reading

    This challenging reading program is designed to stimulate even the best reader! The classes are run as book discussion groups where every student must participate. We will cover advanced material, which will not duplicate student's school curriculum. All materials are level appropriate and exciting.


    This science program for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders is designed to give motivated young students a good background in the physical and life sciences.  The curriculum is divided into four components that can be taken separately, or consecutively.
    The science program for 7th and 8th graders provides students with a deeper understanding of physical and biological processes around us.  he curriculum is divided into four components that can be taken separately, or consecutively.

Middle School SAT Preparation

    This is composed of two separate classes: math and verbal. Students will be prepared for the SAT for Johns Hopkins, or to take any qualifying tests for high school admissions. The verbal class will concentrate on vocabulary, thinking skills and reading skills. The math will cover basic Algebra I and Geometry, which are included on the tests. Test taking strategies will be discussed in relationship to this test. Students will also be taught and encouraged to apply these skills to their regular classroom situations.

Web Publishing and Exploring the Internet

    Students will examine a variety of internet sites for examples of well-designed pages, which demonstrate some of the uses of hypertext fiction.  Students will learn basic HTML scripting; learn to  create multi-media, incorporate sound, simple animation and graphics to build their own innovative web pages.  They will experiment with digital cameras, scanning images, using sound and making simple QuickTime movies, which can be viewed on their web pages over the internet.


    Students explore, discuss, and learn strategies related to chess through playing challenging games.  Chess develops spatial abilities, problem solving skills, and logical reasoning heightening the student's sense of visual order.