Kendall Park Learning Center


General Math

    Our math program is designed to give students a rigorous foundation in elementary mathematics which focuses on arithmetic and the number operations. Students investigate numbers and number sense, operations with numbers, decimals, geometry, and data analysis and probability. Common factors, prime and composite numbers, two digit multipliers and divisors, improper fractions and mixed numbers, quotients and remainders, ratios and percents, geometrical figures, the coordinate plane, symmetry, and transformations are some of the topics studied. Unit reviews and regular assessments serve as a guide to review and complete mastery of concepts. Emphasis is placed on word problems where students learn the importance of organizing and interpreting data, reasoning logically, heightening their sense of visual order, and internalizing mathematical habits of mind.


    This course is designed for students who need review in the fundamentals of arithmetic while basic abstractions of beginning algebra are introduced. It focuses on real numbers and linear equations, linear inequalities, factoring, fractions, word problems, graphing and some elements of geometry are stressed.

Algebra I

    Designed to prepare students for Algebra II, Algebra I begins with a review of pre-algebra concepts. Students learn fundamental concepts such as integers; linear equations; how to add, subtract, multiply and divide monomials and polynomials; factoring of polynomials and solving of quadratic equations. This course also includes radicals and exponents.

Algebra II

    This course focuses on the study of math concepts including linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, relations, functions, radicals, imaginary and complex numbers. Emphasis is placed upon development of math skills through the study of exponential and logarithmic functions, probability, statistics and elements of trigonometry.


    This course includes topics such as parallel line and planes, congruent triangles, inequalities and quadrilaterals. Geometric proofs are included throughout to improve the student's understanding and logical thought processes. Emphasis is placed upon reasoning and problem solving skills gained through study of similarity, areas, volumes, circles, and coordinate geometry.

Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry

    This course is both a review of algebra courses you may have completed and the introduction and practice of new concepts designed to prepare you for calculus. The course offers extensive emphasis on advanced algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry, vector algebra, limits and polynomial and transcendental functions.


    Calculus is a college prep course that introduces the concepts of college calculus. This course will explore limits, the techniques of differention and integration of algebraic and trigonometric functions, and logarithmic, exponential and transcendental functions. Applications of physics, engineering, and business are demonstrated. Computers and graphing calculators are used as aids in developing and learning concepts.

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