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The Kendall Park Learning Center is excited to announce the creation of its new science curriculum! With these new classes, you can give your children the edge they need to succeed!


    Major emphasis is placed on the study of biology at the cellular level. The course begins by presenting the structure, chemistry, and reproductive processes of the cell, and proceeds to use the cell as an introduction to the study of micro-organism, plants, animals, genetics, and ecology. This serves as a good preparation for the SAT II or a high school AP course.


    Science InformationChemistry introduces the basic fundamentals of inorganic, physical, analytical and organic chemistry. Concepts are reinforced by frequent laboratory periods. Students develop problem solving skills involving tables, diagrams, graphs and mathematical and chemical equations. This course is designed to give a thorough background to students planning to take AP chemistry during the school year. This serves as a good preparation for the SAT II or a high school AP course. This class can also be offered to individual students online for personalized instruction, or modified for the needs of homeschooled students.

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

    The goal of this class is to prepare the students to College Level Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. The class, which meets two hours a week for three months, is designed to uncover the underlying principles of organic chemistry, rather than the memorization of numerous chemical facts. A laboratory component is incorporated to relate the main topics with everyday applications. The class is designed for students who have already taken a chemistry class. They should be familiar with the concepts of mole, molecular mass, stoichiometry, limiting reagents, and electronegativity. The class will cover such topics as: the geometry of organic compounds and an introduction to molecular orbital theory; the main classes of organic compounds; important reactions in organic chemistry and their relationship to our lives; and, the main classes of macromolecules in biochemistry and their metabolism.

Chemistry Laboratory for Homeschool Students

    The goal is to prepare the student for the SAT II in chemistry, while maintaining an experience that is mostly self-taught. A 21⁄2-hour laboratory is offered once a week in a chemistry laboratory under the supervision of an experienced teacher who is also a trained experimental chemist. The teacher will be available online for help. This class is recommended to the home school students who are motivated and interested in learning more about the chemical and biochemical sciences. Once the background information has been covered, the students will be encouraged to select their own topics for further knowledge, bridging into biochemistry if they desire. Within the ability of the laboratory, they will be able to design and perform their own experiments to investigate the world around them.


    Physics introduces students to the underlying principles of mechanics, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, light, electrostatics, magnetism and nuclear physics. The course demonstrates the central role physics plays in the other sciences as well as its application to everyday life.

Earth Science

    An overview of geology, physics, chemistry, and biology as they impact our universe; the earth's internal processes; the makeup of the natural world. Included are a study of the earth's air, water and physical processes as they shape the physical world.

Physical Science

    Course emphasizes basic concepts, logical methods of chemistry and physics as they apply to everyday events. Contents include structure and property of matter; laws of motion; work and heat; light. Practical implications of all topics are stressed along with skills in scientific methods.

AP Reviews in Chemistry, Biology, or Physics

These short, fast-paced classes offer reviews of all the material included on the AP exams. Additionally, test-taking strategies are covered to allow students to work more efficiently during the exams. The classes are limited to 12 students each and meet every Saturday for 3 hours. Each week, students are expected to take practice exams outside of class in order to assess their knowledge and to gauge their progress.

Science Topics In-Depth

Do you have a specific interest in some area of science? Would you like to explore it further? Contact us at the KPLC, where we can arrange a special program of study tailored to your needs and interests.

One-on-One and Small Group Sessions

One-on-one or small group sessions are offered and recommended for students who have difficulties in their science classes. Students are first assessed and a review program tailored to their needs is created. The length of the review will depend on the student’s strength and progress.

The following topics are offered:

  • AP Chemistry
  • General Chemistry
  • AP Physics
  • General Physics
  • AP Biology
  • General Biology

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