Kendall Park Learning Center

Registration Form and General Information
Registration Forms:

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Complete all sections of the registration form (available from the links above) and send registration with full tuition to:

Kendall Park Learning Center
3088 Highway 27, Suite 4
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

Mail-In registration must be post-marked by Friday, June 2nd. After that day, registration must be done in person at the Kendall Park Learning Center.
Registrations accepted after June 27th will require a $25 late fee.

Refunds and Cancellations:  
  • The tuition, minus $250, is refundable if a student withdraws on or before May 30th.
  • If student withdraws on or before June 9th, 50% of tuition will be refunded.
  • If student withdraws after June 9th, 0% of tuition will be refunded.
  • If the course is cancelled, the course tuition will be refunded in full.
  • Refunds take approximately six weeks to process.
  • There will be no refunds for missed days or holidays.
  • Students, who withdraw from the courses early, either because the class is too easy or too difficult will not have their tuition refunded. Students whose behavior is unsuitable for a classroom environment (either distracting or detrimental to the class and fellow students) will be asked to leave without any refund of tuition. There is no refund for a student moving from a more expensive to a less expensive class.
General Information  
  • Class Dates:
    All classes begin Wednesday, June 28th except for the listed below
      - SAT Test Prep classes begin Monday, July 10th
    All classes end Thursday, August 3rd except for the listed below
      - All science classes end Friday, August 4th
    In the past few years, many classes have closed due to over enrollment. We, therefore, encourage you to register as soon as possible to
    avoid being turned away.If you are taking only one 60 hour class, please indicate on your registration form what time slot you prefer. All effort will be made to fulfill your request. If this cannot be done, you will receive a phone call notifying you of the time the class will meet.
  • Mid-session reports will be emailed to parents on July 20th. Final reports will be mailed on August 11th.
  • Report cards will not be mailed to the child's school unless either the guidance counselor or the principal has signed the permission form
    (see registration form ).
  • You can pick up a car-pool list between June 22nd - 27th. Please inform us if you do not want your name on the list; otherwise it will
    be included on list.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during break.
  • There is no school on Tuesday, July 4th.
  • Discounts:
    - Early Bird Discount: $50 off tuition (offer ends 4/15/17) *
    - Register for two classes and receive $75 off tuition (offer ends 4/15/17) *
    - Register for three classes and receive $100 off tuition (offer ends 4/15/17) *
    - Returning students: $50 off tuition *
    - Sibling Discount: $50 off tuition *
  • Location: TBA

    *The above offers cannot be combined
Course Credit  
Under all circumstances in which the student intends to transfer credit to another school, advance agreement must be obtained from either the school principal or guidance counselor that successful completion of the KPLC coursework will satisfy credit transfer requirements. A copy of this agreement should be given to the KPLC Summer Program office before classes begin.
If you would like to request a brochure, please click here.