Kendall Park Learning Center

Spanish 1 Tutorials Only
Students learn basic grammar through oral and written work. This course introduces students to Spanish culture and language through a combination of text and tapes. Equal emphasis is placed upon developing skills in areas of grammar, reading and speaking this increasingly important language.
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Spanish II Tutorials Only
This class continues to develop the skills learned in Spanish I. Students practice dialogue, short skits, and extemporaneous conversations to strengthen oral skills. They learn advanced grammar.
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French I Tutorials Only
This course emphasizes all verbal skills, with emphasis on everyday conversations with good pronunciation. Students master elements of grammar through oral and written work. Dialogues, short narratives on culture, simple stories, and tapes further comprehension and cultural appreciation.
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French II Tutorials Only
Students continue to refine fundamental skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They participate in dialogues, reports, and interactive computer programs. Reading comprehension advances through more extensive reading selections and grammar exercises.
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