Kendall Park Learning Center

Our English courses provide students with a rigorous language program that develops confidence, competence, flexibility, and enjoyment of listening, speaking, writing, reading and thinking. Our program emphasizes and fosters the interrelationship that exists among the language processes. Student performance is evaluated in many ways. Understanding is tested through discussion, critical papers and written tests and examinations. The ability to write a sustained, critical essay is important and helps prepare students to achieve well in the standardized tests available to them in the SAT and AP's.
English 9 - 10 Time: 8:00 am-10:15 am
Designed to improve reading, writing and critical thinking skills as students prepare to enter Honors or Advanced English, this course offers a streamlined approach to writing instruction to help students become better writers, communicators, thinkers, and learners. Students will practice writing persuasive and analytical essays, and writing about literature. Class activities will include pre-writing, impromptu essay writing, editing, peer editing, and proofreading. Students will also work consistently on grammar, vocabulary and spelling throughout the course. Both in class and at home, students read various genres and types of text, including poetry, short stories and novels. Students learn and practice diverse annotation and note-taking skills as they read.
Tuition: $1250
(books and materials not included)
English 11 - 12 Time: 10:30 am-12:45 pm
This course reviews and continues the study of grammar usage, composition and literature. In literature emphasis is placed on theme, plot, characterization and other important literary concepts. Students focus on a chronological study from the medieval period to the modern era. A full range of poetry, drama and fiction is included. Emphasis is placed on written analysis and evaluation of selections read.
Tuition: $1250(books and materials not included)
Competence & Confidence in Reading Time: 8:00 am-10:15 am
This course is designed to improve literal, interpretive, critical comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Emphasis will be on structured vocabulary development and intermediate and advanced level reading skills. Through short stories, novels, poetry, and non-fiction selections students improve specific reading skills: main idea, vocabulary, sequence, factual recall, inference, and drawing conclusions.
Tuition: $1250(books and materials not included)
Competence & Confidence in Writing Time: 10:30 am-12:45 pm
This course provides a flexible framework for those who need to continue to improve their competence in the fundamentals of writing. Writing exercises focus on recognition, use, and punctuations of elements of a sentence, recognition of sentence patterns, and construction of unified paragraphs and composition. Student will focus on formal analysis and expository writing based on the texts they read in order to prepare them for High School. Students will also produce a variety of creative pieces and build a basic portfolio of written work by the end of the course. The objective of this course is to help students who need to strengthen their writing skills.
Tuition: $1250(books and materials not included)
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